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Roto Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine

Roto Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine a further development for fabric dyeing, differs from others by its air transport system and inner deflection drum. The liquor flow is ONLY to apply dyes & chemicals, and NOT for fabric rope transport - is the objective behind the development.

The very positive advantage, since the fabric does not require any liquor to transport it in the kier is, - the liquor ratio can be reduced to an ultra minimum. It is possible to start with a liquor ratio of 1:4, while at the same time retaining the advantage of hte aqueous medium for the removal of dirt, and impregnation of the fabric with dyes and chemicals.

A new generation of fabric dyeing machine is devised to finish all cotton and modern fibers using the Air Kinetic principle.

Features :
  • Liquor ratio starts from 1:4
  • NO material transport stress.
  • Lesser consumption of Dyes and chemicals.
  • Fabric Folds better quality positively influenced.
Advantages :
  • Absolute minimum liquor ratio obtained.
  • Highest fabric flow reliability.
  • Highly sensitive fabrics can be processed. Suits all modern fibers and their blends.
Technical Specification :
  • Available in operating temperatures up to 110º c.
  • Voluminous Kier with a diameter of 2400mm.
  • Maximum capacity of fabric compartment 250kgs - depending on the fabric.
  • 1-4 fabric compartments per machine available.
  • Lesser power installed.
  • SETEX German control system.


Highest Flexibility in rope transport, not subjecting the fabric to any transport stress is obtained by means of the new concept which inherently conceives, a natural counter balance in the system causing the inner drum to rotate and transport the material once more to the front of the machine. Connecting a high performance blower to the main process phases, help the fabrics to fold better, and influences the fabric quality positively. Since NO transport stress, the system is accepted worldwide for processing highly sensitive fabrics and is suitable for all modern fibers and their blends.

Apart from these new innovations, the advantages of the conventional techniques as good rinsing results and addition possibilities are well maintained.

Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine
Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine  Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine
Air Flow Fabric dyeing Machine