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Length Hemming installation for home textiles in highest quality

More precise, faster and more reliable

Aligning, edge trimming, hem formation, sewing and cutting. The PENINSULA ENGINEERS takes over the complete longitudinal processing procedure for you. Rapid and reliable. For terry fabric, table linen, dishtowels, napkins and much more. All in the finest quality.

The Solution system:

The specially adopted solution system ensures the perfect integration of our machines into your course of manufacture. The sequencial special adoptions are:

  • Photo-electric fabric guiding.
  • Pile edge scanning.
  • Edge trimming.
  • Three stage folding.
  • Fabric hemming.
  • Fabric plaiting.

Fabric Width 300 mm to 1400 mm
Hem width 8mm
Sewing speed 14m */ min (optimum)
Machine size W 2.5 x L 4.3 x H 3.0
Floor area required L 6.5 x W 4.5
Sewing Method Chainstich sewing
Length Hemming Machine
Length Cutting Machine