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Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machine

The Peninsula Eco-Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machine, is developed for processing the Light & Heavy Terry, Knitted and Woven fabrics at temperature upto 107°C. Depending on the fabric weight and fabric quality the liquor Ratio starts at 1:5 and can variably be adjusted over a flow Totalizer or an Adjustable Float Switch or an Analog Level. Our optimizing dyeing process consist a special rinsing technology featuring- CCR, 100% Addition Tank, Twin filter system, Power Fill & Power Drain, and Automatic filter change over system. These cost effective feature achieves the significant savings in Time, Water and Energy consumption without negatively affecting product Quality or Productivity.

Optional Features :
  • Controlled rinsing (CR).
  • Recycling of bleaching liquor by using three numbers of 100% addition tanks.
  • Provisions for working chamber seperation helps to process the chambers individually or totally in the machine, respective to quantum of Fabrics - to avoid any wastage of Water, Chemical and Energy..
  • Provisions for connect with Orgatex system..
Inbuilt - Features :
  • Optimum shell design for conventional and special complicated process requirements.
  • The machine with in-built imported SETEX - German Controller and an operator panel, Drive panel, and main panel board are separately provided.
  • 100% Additional Tank with indirect heating oil.
  • Twin filter system.
  • Automatic filter change over system for non-stop dyeing processes.
  • Double bundle efficient Heat Exchanger.
  • Liquor access via nozzle with Manual Pressure Control valve Tubular Heat Exchanger & Cartridge Filter.
  • Flow meter and differential pressure Analog switch for accurate filling.
  • Imported Proportionate control valve for heating.
  • Imported Low Pressure High Volume centrifugal circulation pump and our specially designed soft flow nozzles are employed for mild surface treatement of the textile material.
  • Frequency drive for circulation pump.
  • Frequency control drives for free rotation and reversing the winches.
  • Imported Electro-Pneumatic Valves.
  • Injector for the intake of dyes and filter.
  • Combined Cooling and Rinsing (CCR) is possible.
  • Power filling & Power draining system.
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