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Batch Tumbler Dryer

Peninsula Tumbler Dryer Machine is designed with the aim in mind to ensure a gentle processing of hte fabric on an economical basis. This is a discontinious fabric batch tumbler processing in the form of open width suitable for drying, heat treating and finishing the Terry, Velvet, Corduroy and all Flat Woven and Knitted Fabric material of any kind upto a width of 2400 mm. The batch weighs upto 250 kgs depends on the type and weight of the fabric.

Tumble drying system is designed to form a closed air circuit and the intensive flow of air transports the gabric in a strong flutter motion, inside the tubular channel. the treatment takes place in the 'S' shaped channel using a combination of hot air and speed. Both manual and automatic controls are possible for temperature, time, cycle and steam functions and cooling.

Working operations:

The tumbler chamber is preheated before loading. The residual humidity of the fabric is checked not to exceed 70 percent. For loading, the fabric is fixed to the nozzle present inside the machine and the transport winch and main blower do the fabric drawing. The fabric ends are put together after setting the speed of the transporting belt corresponding to the fabric. During the tumble process the speed is coordinated to changing fabric volume. After closing the front sliding door and ensuring other closures. The heating media is passed. the tumbling temperature according to the heating system is 140° c. After tumbling the fabric ends are separated and unloaded.

Optional Features:

  • Heating with hot water / Thermo oil / or Gas.
  • Outgoing Air filter.
  • Cooling Fans.
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading system.

Assured quality: Fabric transport is done by only the flow of air and mechanical drives, in such a way that no longitudinal tensions are effected.
Relaxation & Stability: The Strong flutter motion of the fabric line, by the intensive flow of air results in relaxation and stability to the fabric.
Development of plush, soft & bulky grip: The compression of the fabric by hitting the channel walls helps in development of he plush and brings a soft bulky grip.
Crease and Crash Effects: The long time dwell period and the possibilit to steam the dry fabric results the crease and crash effects.
Energy Savings: No inlet opening lid is there and while processing the machine chamber is completely closed. The hot air recycled and no fresh intake of air is done.
Prolonged Life: No replacement consumables are present.
Tumbler Dryer
Tumbler Dryer
Tumbler Dryer
Tumbler Dryer

Energy Consumption: (average values)

Material Type
Drying cycle
Steam consumption
(Kg/kg material)
Drying temp('c)
Electrical power Consumption Kwh/kg
Required personal shift
20 - 30
1.4 - 1.8
110 - 120
0.11 - 0.13
PE / Co
30 - 40
1.8 - 2.2
110 - 120
0.13 - 0.14
35 - 45
2.0 - 2.5
110 - 120
0.13 - 0.14
30 - 40
1.6 - 2.0
90 - 110
0.13 - 0.14